My post are hidden for no reason

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #21

ok thanks . kindly delete this topic

(anuragtekam0) #22

No need it might be helpful to other peoples who purchase extensions just change the topic.

(Aravind Chowdary) #23

If you paid using paypal. Place a case " product not as described". You may get your money back !! I hope

(Nathan) #24

You do but, when your publicly harming ones reputation, I don’t think it’s gonna be a public discussion with Kodular Governors :sweat_smile: Here’s a list of possibilities and reasons your topic might have been unlisted:

- Harming Kodulars reputation/image, like saying it’s a horrible builder because things won’t work, which they all do, and it’s a wonderful builder, one of the best!
- Harming ones reputation/image, like saying someones a d*** or saying they won’t give you a refund for something which you might’ve been aware they DON’T do
- Flagged (This could also cause removal of the topic/deletion)
- Off-topic, like saying you’ve contacted the extension developer for a refund, in which was not completed, in a topic which talks about reasons why your topics are unlisted

By the way, only those with a shield next to their name and on Trust Level 4 (leader) may do this… I think Moderators can too, but I’m not sure.