My project dont have AppBilling componet


My major project doesn't have an app billing component, while when I test to an empty project it has.


I have the pavitra billing extension, and when i open my project when new updates, that concern i notice, im actually excited about the kodular billing component because it really work the subscription function.

Please do share some thoughts

Are you able to find the component via search?

Hi. Thnaks for the attention, yep! i tried still dont work, no app billing appears

I already clear cookies, everything, use other browser still dont wokr

What’s the name of the extension you’re using?

Pavitra Billing
this [Free] IAP Extension - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community

The internal name of our component conflicts with the name of this extension, hence the issue.
I’m afraid you’ll have to remove the extension to use our component

sds look after refresh and login/out it appears

i backup an aia, and try to remove the extension, hoping it will apear but here the screenshot aftr removing sds

You have to remove the extension itself, not just components that are instances of the extension.
Please click on the trash icon next to the extension’s name

ok i will do it, and get back here for an updates

solved SOLVED

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