My question to Kodular

Me too and many others :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope, you can work freely with kodular.

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No kodular won’t be banned.
Although #boycotkodular is going on youtube due some controversy on independence day.

Well Deigo opened this unlisted topic by Peter(gave me chills), waiting for his answer.

Who said that to you?

I would like to hear from the Kodular team whether I can continue using Kodular without any problem :sob: :pray: :pray:

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You can for sure, just abide by the rules

Hi @topgatgets,

I am so sorry that you think like that, but this is totally false. There are lots of YouTube videos out there saying such things, without actually providing any context of what happened…
I recommend you to read Rules Enforcement and Discussion about Rules Enforcement. Especially this post where I explain what happened, using a different example.

If we really hated Indians, our team’s predominant nationality would not be India.
If we really hated Indians, one of our largest user base would not come from India.
If we really hated Indians, all users from India would get their accounts terminated without allowing topics like the ones you have posted.
If we really hated Indians, we would just block access to Kodular from all India.

Please, go ahead and read the full history of what happened. Because right now, people are saying “Kodular has suspended Indian accounts because they have not followed community rules”. And it is not the first time we terminate accounts because of not speaking in English; it has happened with other languages before, and we have also banned people that harassed and threatened others, independently of their country…


You don’t want to hear from us

u can check many youtube channel make videos about kodular banned indian user

Yes maybe, but they are not the founders of kodular

And that’s not the complete story and context is missing

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With what emojis that you also know.

If we not talk englist then we ban?

Because the official language here is English.

You must not to be expert in English, just enough to that u can make Ur point clear


A topic may be conflicting but can be made non-conflicting but if staff has given a direct reply to all the conflict this may have not happen
Just leave it

It would be far better if he can read the original thread. Because the reply you highlighted here is just a part, not the full. Context is missing!

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