MySQL DB is hackable?

This is my login screen blocks

@ShaikhSajidAli Please Correct Me!

Referral Points and Joining of users. Basically they are increasing their points and referrals.

@Rogerio_Rios How to fix SQL INJECTION? I am little bit understood about SQL Injection? Now How am i fix this

I wrote something about that in chapter “PHP Script” here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps

Thanks @Taifun
But how to prevent in kodular?

Sorry, I posted on the wrong topic. @Kodular
The right topic is this:

It’s not the Mysql bank.
If your code is not done well they invade. One way is SQL INJECTION (ORACLE, MYSQL, POSTGREE …)

Friend, the examples of links explain how it happens and what we should and should not do.

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@Rogerio_Rios I am still not find any solution. Now what should do I for protection.

I already mentioned


I found the problem.
SQL INJECTION is not a problem.
The problem is they are capturing our Http data by using HttpCanary App.
They get every query and all data from the database.

Now How to prevent from this?
Please Help Me

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I try to capture packets in my app with this program but when i run it my app returns connection failed and it doesn’t return anything. If i close the program then my app works again and receive data. Did you do something diffirent?

Is it your phone rooted?
If not you have to install parallel space from http canary app.
Go to settings in side menu and download from this app.
You have to use parallel space and add parallel space in this app and then u able to capture packets.

I install parallel space 64bit and my app returns me an error message that i setup if the response Code isn’t 200 but still not getting any data in HttpCanary.

HttpCanary is rest api debugger app same as postman for web.
You url is exposed somewhere so anyone can post data via this

Hi @ShaikhSajidAli,

this is an interesting discussion.

I do not know if it would work better to put the MySQL codes in php files on your hosting, as I indicate on this website:

and also encrypt the data, for example with this extension:

Hi @ShaikhSajidAli
So i had just read lots of documentation about this.
I didn’t get any clue :pensive:. So how to protect url.