MySQL. PHP. GET. POST. Insert. Update. Delete. Segur SQL Inject

Hello you have any video I don’t understand you have a YouTube chanel pleas give the link

@juananton1991 is described briefly with php script and kodular blocks. What do you expect more than this @Creator_Kannan?

Which part you did not urdestand ?

I want php to kodular full sereas and php files

Do you want ? Complete ?

Hi Juan
Can you provide an example (PHP Script and Block) a best practice for inserting multiple row data to Mysqli Table?

Header Table with Detail Table, which detail table get more then one records.

Can Anybody Convert this Code in English

When call unicode string charactors from sql table, those strings showing as “?? ?” marks only.
How to fix it?

if you have “,” commas in any field in your database this php code fail…
example: field comment —> value: “hi, how are you, congrats” … <— this text have “,” if you select this data, will merge the data with the following field…

Very very thank you For this. But can you tell me how I can detect that if there(MySql) any data changed I got the result in my app. is this possible? Please try to reply.

Yes , it’s possible :+1:

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how? can you explain me

The whole record or certain fields?