Need a Koder for an app!

Hello koders!!
My name is Atharva Pawar and I’m planning to make an app for the football community but due to the load of school work I’m unable to give the app time therefore I need a koder who can help me with the app. I’m not sure if i will be able to pay you or no but surely if the app is successful you will be paid and I will forever be grateful to you. If anyone is interested in working with me please reply.
Thank you

If you want success and your app become successful then work hard I’m also a student but i will handle for my app so my advice is first you try when you can’t handle your school work and your project then hire someone but you give 100% of afford then you can do it. :+1:

I’m trying my best, I havent stopped working on the app. Every single bit of free time i get, I invest it in the app

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So keep on doing it, no matter how much time you do, but do it yourself.

Thats what i dont have. “TIME”

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And if you need any help then post your problems in community.

Okay… How much money can you pay

U can pm him for talking about price

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Still haven’t found the perfect person.

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what about me :sunglasses:


Thank you everyone those who were interested and contacted me.
But I’m sorry i dont need anyone right now.
The issue i was facing i solved it and i’m very happy about it.

Sometimes all you need is a step back to jump higher…
I deleted everything, started again and did the thing i wanted to do in 1000 blocks less than the previous code.

Again Thank you for your help and support
Keep Koding

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That is what you need to learn… :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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dm me with details + price

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