Need advice about an app I want to create - Collection Tracker

Hello everyone. My idea is to create an app for my personal use that I can track my videogame collection. The app would start with three buttons generating three different lists (each with more than 200 items). Each item is a game that can be added to a list of games that I already own in my collection. As I click in one of these items it should open a set of details about the game that I can change.
Any general advice on how I could accomplish this without creating thousands of different screens?

Only 1 Screen.

Use Airtable Create Two Columns -
1 for Game Name.
1 for Game Description.
Use Dynamic Components to Create a Custom List and Show Data from Airtable.

Additionally a Search Function for Searching the Right One Among 100s or 1000s.


Thank you! I will try that.