Need Help about Firebase

**I have tow button and a vertical arrangement hidden for to show questions that comes from database. The problem is when I click DS Questions button first after opening the app it will load the question from database and show it but when I go back to the button page and click over MBQ question button then it will not load question mean it doesn’t work properly. If I restart the app and clicks first on MBQ button then it will work and other will not work. Please help me out

I don’t think I understood correctly your problem, but analyzing your blocks I can only ask you if the “set Vertical Arrangement” are correctly set in both buttons.

Actually I have two different button to call and get values from same fire-base and show it in vertical arrangement components. The problem is if “MBQ Question button” button pressed it calls firebase and get value and show it correct but when I go back to buttons and click on 2nd one which is “DS Question button” doesn’t work…If I just close and restart the app again then I click over that button “DS Question button” it will work and other will not work

Yes it is set correctly. Please ask more about it so that I can understand how can I explain it to you

but if you don’t complete that I don’t think you can get anything

Actually I’m getting values from database without it. And I don’t have tag 0 in firebase also I have procedure so tag never start with zero

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