Need Help for my App! New to Kodular!

Hi all,
I met one freelancer and he helped me to create an app on Kodular. App was working fine for first few months. But now I am unable to update my app. He created database on Airtable from where I was updating my app. But now it’s not working and I am unable to make any changes or check the reason. I am new to this and not sure whom to contact. The person who created this app is not responding. Can anyone please help me? The app is all about children’s stories and I used to add new stories frequently from Airtable. I am in learning phase and made the app out of curiosity. Not sure if this is the correct platform to ask help but I am stuck with my app. Any help is much appreciated. He gave me the app files in my Kodular account.


Hi @waykosa Welcome to Kodular Community
Please read this and give more details:

welcome to community,

you are on right platform to ask about kodular, and we will help you as much as we can.

you can share little more details as @vknow360 said,

like show screen shots of app and what kind of help you needed,

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