Need help for my topic guys

Can anyone tell me how to show starting 1-2 lines content of any article in cardview extension like shown in image which includes see more or read more button?

search in community also search in youtube you find many videos

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Use lable & make change in setting .

I need help in blocks

set global short_text to "Bdjdjkdkdkek... <font color=grey>Read More</font>"

set global long_text to "Bdjdjkdkdkek ueueiie. dhjdj djdikd. Jsisikek dkodk jdjej jsie. <font color=grey>Read Less<\font>"

When Screen.Initialise
do set Label.Text to get global short_text

when Label.Clicked
do set Label.Text to if get Label.Text = get global short_text
                     then get global long_text
                     else get global short_text

Set Label’s Html Format to true

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You have opened two topics for the same question.
@Kodular look at this topic.This is same as this one.

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Yes because still i didnt got any solution

It is not allowed to make duplicate topics!!
No matter if you got a answer or not!