Need Help for Quiz App

Hello All.
I Created a Quiz App. It Is Reward App in Which User Get Reward according to his Rank. I add 50 Questions in 1 Quiz. When User Clicks on Answer or Timer runs out, It Automatically Goes to next Question. But my problem is How Many Seconds are Enough for answer 1 question? Currently I Set 5 Seconds for Each Question. Is it enough or I have to change it?

I Don’t know this question’s category so I put it in Discuss.

It Depends,
If your Question is long then user need more time to read it and then only he will Answer.

But for me, i think most/majority of the Quizes have time of atleast 10 Seconds.

I suggest you to atleast give 15 seceonds… Because once reading question mind almost takke 2 sec to get the ans…

So the Best option is 15 sec…

Question Type is Like general Knowledge Questions… If I Give them 10 or 15 seconds, isn’t they Search in Google for answer?

10 seconds is perfect

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