Need help, I'm stuck!

Hello ppl
I have an app and I made it work like “when it starts it will check for the version on airtable and if it is latest than it will go ahead and if not then it will remind to update with update now or update later option”

now what I want is when user clicks on update later first time it saves the current time and after few days (we can assume 3 days for example) (3 days after user again clicks on update later) than it will show user that now they can not ignore update and now they must update the app.

I tried some way but I always failed to compare date/time or I don’t know about this.
somebody can help?

try using this extension [Free] Countdown extension - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Thunkable Community when your users click on update later start count down and when count down complete the user have to update app


count down won’t stop even after exiting the app?

i have never used this extension personally. and as per my knowledge it should work cuz the app will be running in background

I thought app inventer’s app does not work/run in background.

check this out version 2 there is some component that may help Countdown Extension for Thunkable and App Inventor

So there are two ways to do this.

  1. Is using a local TinyDB, where you write the time and date, and then you check the date every time the app loads to see if three days have passed.

  2. You can use Firebase to do this as well, as a remote store.

I do a version check, and I also have a countdown time on how much longer people have for their free version.

I suggest you start playing with TinyDB, and with the Clock function on how to get dates.


yes, this is exactly what I tried (or what I want) but I was not able to check if days passed or not and then everything messed up!
Can you please tell me how did you do this in your app? or can you please show me your blocks, if possible?