Need help in Background Task extension

Can someone help me in BACKGROUND TASK EXTENSION in kodular?

I want to build a project but i can’t understand how can i use this extension.

i can pay for it if someone help me.

Project demo.

I want to store numbers with clock extension in firebase even i have closed the app.

Numbers will be like that
1+1 if its possible please help me about this.

You can simply get the values and change them.


That is i cant understand how can i get value 0% knowledge in background task extension actually

How much do you pay? That’s all you want?
I will make it for you and send the money as a donation to the developer

Yes if you make as i want i will pay $10 for it

You can knock the extension developer who built this extension to get help

extension developer is already here :point_down:

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Let me do that

He is developer of this extension?

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Yup he is , have a look at this

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So, do you want to update the firsebase value with clock every one second?

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Yes dear can you please make a demo project for me? I will be really thankful to you after the demo project i will add these function in my application

Hey, using Tasks version 4.0, it’s a bit easier than version 3.

Downlaod the extension: xyz.kumaraswamy.tasks.aix (450.5 KB)

It’s a simple project that updates the database count every one second. I should not have the whole thing, well it may help you.

NumTask(1).aia (453.7 KB)
make sure to change the firebase details.

I am not sure when this version of the extension is released, but to support me, you can donate to me on Paypal.


Thank you so much just let me check for this and i will surely donate to your extension :heart::heart::heart:


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