Need help in firebase like button

Ben firebase tabanlı bir like butonu yapmaya çalışıyorum fakat hata alıyorum. Fotoğrafı burada.

Store the value (local variable) in a global variable, to be able to use it in methods outside of the origin method. You can’t use the local variable via copy paste as you are doing now.

Nasıl yapmam gerekiyor? Online olacak beğeni özelliği

English please.

O “Value” istedin yere alamıyorsun. Farkindaysan Error hatası cikiyor.

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You should download “Mate Translate” as an extension on (GOOGLE CHROME), it allows you to simply highlight the text you wanna translate, and then shows you crystal clear correctly translated text, I personally love it, since Google Translate is trash… That’s nothing new though.

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Tap to Translate in Google Translate does that. I’m just too lazy to bother.


Yeah but Mate Translate is free and only works with Chrome which is better, since you cant use it on any other browser

How’s being usable only on one browser a pro and not a con?? Anyway, I’m on Android. Chrome won’t accept extensions on Android as of now.


My opinion every other browser is trash, so I prefer Chrome.

Edge is better. :wink:

I think this is Off-Topic

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I looked at Makeroid on edge, and the Phone and components side is BADDDDDDDD, its more made for Chrome. We could have a browser fight all day, and I’d win along with my friend Chrome :rofl:.

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