Need help in improving my AIA

App name: Driver assistant
Please, I developed a driver assistant app that assist road user. I have a few errors in it. I need a someone that can help me improve on it and add beautiful features in it. See that attachment AIA. Thanks​:pray:
Driverassistant.aia (97.0 KB)

Just post your blocks and screenshots. Changes are you get help. Downloading, importing and debugging someone elses aia isn’t something many users will do.

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Ok I will do that let me login to my account

This is the view

What I really want is a search option where users search for their destination location and when the user click on the name of the location it will automatically add a marker to the location destination and also calculate the distance from current location to destinate location, and also improvement on the UI please help me​:pray:

I usually receive this error when app starts.

I know this can be done using API I don’t know how to use it


This is the block

And those are? You see how important giving information is.

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Yes I can see, Now how can I achieve this

What strange blocks you have in when screen back pressed. Does that work?

That doesn’t work I will delete it. Just wanted to create custom notification but don’t know how to do it.

I think am doing it wrong? add markers from JSON.

select item blocks should be your lat and lng.


Add marker from JSON solved​:+1:, Next is the API for location. I want a user to select his destination location after that the designated location will be added as marker on the map and it will calculate the distance between the current location and the designated location how can I do this?