Need help Make a profile fertility, how to make update

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I am currently developing an app for teaching workers. I have created a profile in my app with the help of firebase authentication, but my main problem is that when I close the screen and open it again, I lose the uploaded, saved data. If I want to update some information in the profile, how can I do it?
My other problem is that if I want to update some profile information in the future with the help of Air Table Database, how can I do it?

All You have to do is ether store the obtain data into temporary storage example Tiny DB or in a variable. then you can recall your data from that whenever you need.

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If you try to do that, there is another problem, when the user deletes the data of the app, then this user name, profile photo, other information will also be deleted, I want to make such a method that when the user logs in to the app again, then the same data should be visible to him. @JINIKING

Well For that then you can use the combination of the firebase authentication and the firebase database at the same time make the email there to a tag then store the data accordingly then you can get the same data by just using the same email tag.

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Yes, it is beneficial to do so, but I doubt it, fairbase data base is not so secure. For this I am using air tabal database. As I am just learning new things, I have a lot of problems with this

Is there any way to do this from airtabale data buses?

The simple answer is no you can’t because getting the specific data will be tricky and if you don’t know much about data structure then it can be a problem.

Yes i don’t know you i’m coming for you i need help