Need help on creating an extension on cashfree, its a payment gateway

Hey, everyone

I want make an extension can anyone is there who make an extension for me.

Whatever price will be charged for making the extension is accepted.

Please PM me

Thank you.


How contact him. Can you will tell me.

Thank you.

Just pm him. I deleted your phonenumber. And tell what you want. Maybe it exist already.


Pm him or whenever he will online he will pm you

No i want to make an extension on cashfree its a payment gateway.

No no not this extension.

ok then wait for a extension developer to reply ,

Do you any other developer who make extentios

there is a group of developers

It would be a thousand times easier if you just told what you wanted. May be some devs already saw your post and decided not to contact you, but if you say what you want the person will know if can be done or not.


I have already said what i want here

it means nothing, there are hundreds of payment gateways. But I can see you will just do the things your way no matter what I tell you.

I hope you can get what you want but as I said before you are only making things harder and more expensive for yourself.

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you do not necessarily need an extension…
what about using the web component?
see also the documentation here

see also
How to work with the web component and an API by Stephen

would 1.000.000 USD be fine for you?



I want to make extention on cashfree payout gateway

Please stop repeating yourself. You said enough what you want. Just be patient and see who responds.


Can explain more

sure… just follow the previous link to learn how to work with the web component
there also is a nice youtube tutorial from @pixiibomb

and then use the web component together with the API of your choice
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You have to contact Leo developer!

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