need help on dynamic components

I need your help on dynamic components
I made two different dynamic cardviews
one is created by “stockcard_view procedure” and other is created by “outlookcard procedure”

and then I set what data should be sent to another screen (“Result”) when someone clicks on cardviews

now when someone click on cardview that was created by “stockcard_view procedure” then the correct data is send to another screen from recostinylst variable .
but when someone click on cardview that was created by “outlookcard procedure” then the same data that was stored in recostinylst variable is called
and I want when someone click on cardview that was created by “outlookcard procedure” then the data that was stored in outlookfinaldata variable should called

please help me out

try, add if else statement (for both card view). Am not sure, but i hope this will work

but name of component for both cardview are same


ohk I will try this

it should be same format



or better you can change the name without space like, CardView and CardView3 because sometime due to space it maynot work. If you change it in the designer mode itself, automatically it will update

this value also have to change according to if statement

I got an error
"EXPECTED A UNQUIE ID,got ‘cardview2’ "

in your given blocks there is no where such card view2. If you r getting such value mean, you are doing mistake somewhere else… please check up properly

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when I was setting ids of both cardviews then I joined ids number with same name (“cardview”) for both cardviews . I think That"s why I got this error.

check the first varaible of for loop for both procedure

and then check the first and last dictionary indexing

then use one label and capture the name of compound name while you card view made by reco and outlook. based on the result you can try next move

I got same error “expected a unique id , got cardview2” but when I change outlook cardview variable id name from “cardview” to “cardviews” and on when any cardview click block I replaced name only with cardview not with cardviews then I got 1,2 for stockcardview and s1,s2 for outllook cardview.

Hmmm. However if you get different name upon different card click then use that logic

I did that . I made different name for different cardview and then replace the names and use your given logic(contain text) but I get recos data for both cardviews means I didn’t get different data for outlook cardview
I request you to create two different cardviews in different arragenment on same screen and try to send different data on different cardviews clcik . so you will get the actual problem

The problem is both the card view is having common word as cardview that’s y u r getting only recos

no I changed that but again got same data for both cardviews

As mentioned by @Still-learning you are creating cardviews with a common prefix.
Try with something unique and change Open another screen block parameters accordingly.

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