Need help regarding Barcode Scanner

I already created Barcode scanning app in which user can generate and can scan that Barcode.
But, need to store that data ( scanned data ) in listview and date-wise.
i unable to save and retrive data from TinyDB. it will be very helpful for me if you provide solution.
Here are my complete blocks.

I want to save every scanned barcode. ( which is generated by this app only ). So, the person who scans this barcode can keep records under that perticular persons name and in date-wise.

Please help me out.

Why are you unable to do so?
What issue are you seeing?

How many total barcodes are you planning on storing?
Maybe you should look into SQLITE.

Thank you for your reply @Ken .
Actually i am making this app for Restaurant in which Subscribers who already paid for food in advance will get their barcodes. and after coming to restro they just have to scan their barcodes in Restro owners app. And i want to save that transaction under that barcode ( which consist their name only ) in transaction history page on the app.
there is no exact number of barcodes which scanned.
also i unable to get idea about which value to store in database after scanning that barcode.

@Sentinel you can use Dictionaries
Kodular Documents - Dictionaries