Need Help Regarding error while updating my App on Play Store

I used the @oseamiya Admob extension in my app. It was working fine before the latest update by Kodular. But now when I try to update my app on the Play Store, it shows me an error:

An error occurred while running bundletool build-apks on your uploaded App Bundle. Ensure that your App Bundle is valid by running bundletool build-apks locally and try again. Learn more. Error: Found multiple elements for key ‘’, expected at most one.

After removing the extension from within the app, the app successfully uploads to the store, but if I use this extension within my app, I receive this type of error.

Please help and provide me with the best solution. What should I do now that I’m required to include advertising by AdMob in my app?

Extension Developer needs to fix it. Same happened with Onesignal & Sumit fixed it.

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But i think she is not active form some couple of months. Now any other solution you have?

You can use new extension maybe.

Any Suggestions? Also i am looking for admob extension without errors. The admob extension developed by @oseamiya was awesome but needed to be update badly.

Use this updated extension (SDK 21.5.0) ↓