Need help regarding rest api

already did that

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Try removing the space in { “order_id”:

if i remove that then how will i specify my order id string ?

I use json strings for google map markers and my strings are in the type of {lat:xxxx,long: … with no space after { so it is just a guess that the space might cause a problem. Haven’t use Shiprocket API before but you can give it a try.

try this
order_date:‘2019-07-24 11:11’,
pickup_location: ‘shop’
order id will be number not string type on docs its for making json in php variable.
I think order date also will be number

this is your jsonlint result

Error: Parse error on line 1:
{ “ order_id”: “4265”
Expecting ‘STRING’, ‘}’, got ‘undefined’


hello everyone i got the API Working but stumbled upon anther error. the error is when i post the boolean true to server it is not detected as boolean but as string. image

may be the join blog coverts the boolean to string i tried this method but none of them worked.


please tell me a way through which the boolean get posted as boolean not as text.

Try 0 and 1

don’t use the logic blocks, use a text block with the text true or false

i tried the text block it was not working then i tried logic block but that was also not working and as far as integers are concerned no. 0 or false is working but when i change the value to 1 or true it shows following error:

unexpected attachment for each arguments()

for 0/1 are you using text or number blocks, possibly doesn’t like " " for a boolean number ?

number. blocks

you might want to try again and post s screenshot of the updated relevant blocks including Do it result of your JSON

protip: use Do it to examine your JSON before sending it to the server…

JSON string literals must use normal quote characters ( " ), not smart quotes ( “” ).

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