Need Help to Implement Ads

Hello All,
I Create a Quiz App. I Add 50 Questions Per Quiz. User Takes Approx 10 Mins. to Complete 1 Quiz. I Create Only 3 Screens For All Actions.
So My Question is: When User Starts Quiz, ItTakes 10 to 12 Mins. to Complete Quiz But Get Only 1 Ad Impression. Is There Any Way to Get More Impression?

Yes it’s very easy

Just use clock component and when the clock timer is out

Just load the ad!!

it will be too many ads

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Why too many ads ??

You just need to set the timer time to 5 or 10 mins

And that’s it


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Can I Use Like: When User Reach Que. No. 15 > Ads 1 Visible False And Ads 2 Visible True. Then, Que. No. 30 > Ads 2 Visible False And Ads 3 Visible True.

Is It Possible? Is It Violate Terms & Conditions of Admob?

Bad idea :sunglasses::sunglasses:


:blush::blush: Ok so what’s the best idea

We wanna know :heart:

show ads when quiz is over (sometimes)

I have tried that but someone mod said it is the worst method to show ads.