Need help to optimize my blocks

@Fabio 's version works perfectly on my project, a huge thank you!

And thank you very much to you too @dora_paz , you are often present to help me and that makes me happy!
And thanks also to @Still-learning for taking the time to try!


Hey @dora_paz @Still-learning @Fabio , if you’re interested, you can try my quiz! Well, it’s completely in French, so you won’t understand anything, but to try the mechanics and tell me if you encounter any bugs! Thanks to you, I was able to optimize a good number of blocks ^^ Thanks again!

QuizzDepartements.apk (9.0 MB)

Sorry for the delay… May i share my view regarding your query?

I am having different view

With pleasure, because all the solutions are good to take to evolve!

Great ! Works great too! With a different method but maybe with a little more block than the other methods. Thank you !

Thanks… Now slightly adjusted for wrong answers, there by users will be able to see what they clicked but actually what is the correct answer. Just for learning… Thank you…

test_btn1(2).aia (100.9 KB)

Tested apk , crashes


10-16 23:35:35.136 6511 6511 E AndroidRuntime: Process: com.plumedours.quizdepartements, PID: 6511 10-16 23:35:35.136 6511 6511 E AndroidRuntime: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.plumedours.quizdepartements/io.kodular.m_69mwell.QuizzDepartements.Screen2}: /tmp/1634414447797_0.23477283143716565-0/youngandroidproject/../src/io/kodular/m_69mwell/QuizzDepartements/Screen2.yail:1023:39: unbound location null

I see in logcat unbound location null so check Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

Most probably About Title Screen is empty in other screens, if not check long list in topic

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I just noticed that I have the same crash … I had only tested with the Companion. And I checked, all screens have a title (Screen1, Screen2, etc …), but the “Title visible” box is unchecked.

I’m going to see the list to try to see where it came from, thanks

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Not that, check


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Yes, indeed there is this title, and I also have all my radio buttons … I will continue to read the list ^^

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@dora_paz Thank you ! I fixed the crash bugs, didn’t get any new ones.

I have a few options to improve, for example when I press the back button on the phone, that kind of little detail ^^ But I think the game is working fine!

QuizzDepartements.apk (9.0 MB)

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Tried and runs ok, without knowing french I got a pretty nice result :slight_smile: The only thing I noticed is that correct sound doesn’t work only wrong

Thanks for your return !

However, I don’t have a problem with the sound, are you sure you’ve found a good answer? ^^ It shouldn’t be easy when you don’t understand what is written at all!

I’m sure cause I see it in the result page

I had to increase sound level :slight_smile: works fine

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Yes now no problem… good UI… i like it. Especially time progress bar for each question… you Did it well. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

If possible , I user press wrong, try to notify the user with clicked option in one colour and correct option in green colour as well as other options are in red. :+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks for your advice !

@Still-learning , if I understand correctly, are you suggesting that if you press the wrong answer, the button you press is a different color than the other wrong answers, Like in your last example? Yes ! I like the idea! I will try thanks!

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Hit on Bang… you got it… :+1::+1::+1:

I’ve tested this fixed crash bugs version and it’s working fine for me as well dispite the language barrier.

Congratulations and keep it up the excellent block coding ideas!


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