Need help to show avatar from db into dinamyc list

Have made an dynamic list where i want to show all users from db but problem is that avatar not showing, also uploaded the avatar to cloudinary before saving into db but still not show.

In order to work first of all web url should be set to

After that if you have used Do it to debug your blocks you would have seen that avatar’s url is in the form of


So in order to work

And I use image utilities to load images with no problem


ok but i want to show this into a dinamyc list

Using dynamic components extension ?

yes i use dynmic extension

Me too …a simple example…

ok gonna try and let u know

For me not work

pm me your aia, for me as you can see works perfect

screen is ok? i cant share the aia.

it is ok pm me ais

Logingoogle1fne_Friends.ais (14.1 KB)
Here we go.

Also is possible for each card to replace the info icon with an button that open another screen with the user data like avatar , username points etc?

You are using more extensions like phase… and I can not load ais. Try mine

Screen2.ais (38.1 KB)

u sent invalid screen

profile.aia (39.0 KB)

ok works now thank you

also want to add search but not work

profile_1.aia (40.6 KB)

Since the topic was about showing image and that problem is solved mark solution and do not go off topic. If needed create a new topic next time

ok thank you

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