Need Help with Chat View and Firebase

Hello Community,

i try to add the function “add image message” to the Chat View and store it to firebase.
With a normal Message all works great, but if i try to do nearly the same with the Add Image i get everytime an error.

I tried different ways to do that for like 2 Days, installed other Chat.aia’s but i didnt get the clue of it, maybe you can help me out or got any tip for me.

Sorry for my bad English.

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Hi welcome, please read this guide. I’m sure help you

i think its your blcks are hard to understand :cry:

can you provide aia so that i can start from “a b c d” :laughing:

I deleted all and tried the Guide that was postet from bestprintsf and didnt save the Blocks before xD

Here is a aia without the Image Message Blocks, maybe it make more sense for you.
With This Blocks the normal Messages are Great but if i try to add the Image Message then all goes crazy :slight_smile: TY
S30_Train.aia (732.2 KB)

Try the aia uploaded by the creator of the guide. Maybe it will help you understand how to Image Message works.

Here is Aia file download link:
Download Link: Chat.aia - Google Drive

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