Need help with dynamic lists

The bug is present with the apk as well.

For it to appear, you must add at least 2 elements. Then, you have to delete the very first element, and then when you want to edit the elements that remain, the bug appears.

I will try your version yes, I will try all the possibilities and see if it has any bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

The bug is exactly the same on your version.

I add 4 items to the list.
I delete the first 2 elements.
I edit the last item, bug.

Well, then you have missed one variable. if you see my blocks, it is totally different in the dyna creation with your method, that is the problem and you are getting the error… If you copied the same nothing will happen. To apply same things, copy all the blocks of my aia into back pack, go to your project , delete yours(be sure back is there) and paste all the thing… simple…

Anyway this is another way of approach, there by if user clicks edit button user will see the same and can edit it…

MolkkyScore1(2).aia (245.9 KB)

friend.apk (5.5 MB)

This is with your friend.apk :


MolkkyScore3.aia (219.7 KB)

The same apk responds at me like this… no issue…

Removes the very first element first, the “new1”. Then you try to edit the others


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Oh, i didnt notice that… found it and got fixed… just by adding this block at when any button click

Thank yu

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Thanks to you, I’ll try all this later, thanks a lot!

Thanks to both of you, everything works :slight_smile: I haven’t found any new bugs ^^

Now I’m going to see so that when I hit the shuffle button my list shuffles. If ever you have an idea for that, I’m interested :slight_smile: there must surely be tutorials


This is with suffle option

MolkkyScore_Shuffle.aia (221.8 KB)

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With your solution, and the AlphaDialog extension, once I have validated a modification, the keyboard remains open, I cannot hide it. I tried with the screen block “hide the keyboard” but it doesn’t work, do you have any idea?

Try this

MolkkyScore_Shuffle1.aia (222.2 KB)

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Just with the clock it works! Great, thanks for the tip :smiley:

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Just another approach…

Manual shuffle(dragAndDrop) in dynamic component…

By using this extension


In the same way as for the simple addition of elements, is it possible to add titles and then elements inside?

To put it simply, I would like to succeed in adding (edit / delete) team names, and within these teams, add player names (with edit / delete also).

Something that would look like this in layout:

All these format is easily achievable with the help of same dynamic extension… vertical arrangements, followed by horizantal arrangements in which label edit and del button need to create.

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