Need help with how to fix sdk 31 with Taifun File

Hello dear koders, the TaifunFile have been working fine in my Android 9-10 and even in SDK 33 but today it stoped


I am using Taifunfile v 14

Kind;y help to know what is wrong made there is some changes needed for me to implement TaifunFile read as it was before.

did you ask for READ_MEDIA_VIDEO permission? obviously not…
the link you have been posting actually tells you what needs to be done…

btw. the VersionCode tells you the version code of your own app, the API level of your device is something completely different


For sure I didn’t do it at first but tried right now yet not working either

Kindly if there is nay solution I would appreciate for it if shown here.

according to the documentation App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps usually you use a relative path, which would be in your case Download/The Story Book
probably the spaces in the directory name might be a problem… I would use directory names without spaces…

Also what kind of extension is Access_File_Permission? Any link? I would use the extension by @bodymindpower from the N community here After SDK33: required storage permissions on Android 13+ (READ_MEDIA_...) missing - #12 by Taifun