Need help with setting up database with Google Sheets

I am working on a school project where students fees information are to be updated in Google Sheet cells orderly. How can I update the fee into paid cells orderly?

For eg,
If we have twelve months starting from April to March of next year, then -
If the monthly fee of the student is 2500, but he is paying 5000, then the fee must update into Apr and May month as 2500 & 2500. (equal to the monthly fee value and divide into two months equally)
Suppose, if a student already paid the fee worth 500 which is less than the monthly fee (2500) in Apr, and then in the next month he pays the amount of 5000, then the app can read the previous entry of 500 in April and then accordingly update the months of Apr , May & June cells as 2500, 2500 & 500 respectively.
I am really unable to construct a logic. Please help me.
I tried something like this, but it was unsuccessful.

Here are the blocks:

This really a google sheets answer:

The spreadsheet is editable for you to play with

You would need to work out how to apply this to each student !!

That was a nice query. As the day progresses members are asking really different questions. Good to see… see @shashank , i have tried with an simple logic. Please try this but don’t forget, i have showed in this eg how to do in my style. Other people may give you different one. In this file i downloaded all the cell(i used 5 cell for due and 5 for paid) and did small work. After making a final list, i will try to update it to gsheet in button click. Pls see this, whether it solves somewhat your query.

GsheetFeeDetails.aia (21.4 KB)

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