Need Help With The Notifier

So there is an notifier in my app. Whenever the app opens the notifier loads for 7 seconds and then you can use app. The reason behind that notifier is to load ads in order to avoid invalid clicks.
But there is a problem whenever you get back to screen1 from screen2 or 3 the notifier again starts loading. Is there anyway to make it stop while using app when we switch screens and only comes when the app opens.

Here are a few ss


Don’t use clock to dismiss notifier, you should use the component “when interstitial Ad loaded”.

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Yeah I have done that. When we get back to screen 1 the notifier still come.

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Do you use open another screen component or close screen component, when you want to go back?

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Yes i do use in all screens. There are 4 screens.

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So you are using this method:-

posted by @Mika .
This closes current screen then opens new screen so your current screen data will be deleted.
Because of this when you come back to this screen the app thinks that you are opening screen first time.
So remove this and use ’ open another screen block '.

But if we keep the screeen1 open it will make problem while closing application. Isn’t it?

If you have many problems with screens, try to use just one screen.
You can try this method:

Yeah I know this way but I have done alot of work on this and it will take a lot more time to shift all the components and screens to 1.

Set a variable, and after first load, set variable to True. So when you go back, check if the variabble is true. If it is, skip the notifier.

i would not load 3 Ads on one screen. Admob will stop showing ads in your app.
how many ads do you want to show a user. Each click a ad or what?
One Banner and one video ad is enough for one screen.

But it is your account, hopefully your admob account will not deleted by them.
Did you read the policy from admob?

And think of the that: Will you use a app where you see after each click a video for 30 seconds.?
You should generate a usefull app and than if your app has a few hundred user than i woul d implement ads.
Your app is faster rejected/stopped to show any ads, or your account deleted as you can look.
One time deleted is deleted for ever.

And for your problem with the notifier. Why not work with the tinydb. If the notifier was displayed, than set a variable to to. And when you change the screen check if the variable is set to true or false.
If the variable is set to true than dont display the notifier.

Basically these theree ads don’t initialize on the opening screen nor any banner ads. There are three ways one can use my app. So three buttons and three pre-loaded interstitial ads. In short one user is going to see only one ad while using my app.
And I have implemented ads after 5k downloads.