Need more option for web component

  1. Suppress warnings
  2. Onerror event

when i post text some time get error like 101 throgh notifier but not get throgh got text event ,
got text event block not return any value or response.

If you catch the response code it will show the same and not with response content

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don’t understand

In the web got text block , use response code in the label. You will see then what you are getting in the notofier the same will appear

Try to understand what an event can return to the programmer.
Got Text event returns ? What ? Have you checked?

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Well said @Rogerio_Rios …

when get error not geting anithing i try with notifier.
only show error massage but not throgh when got block.


Got Text event is called when your server return something in response, but here , your text is not posted to the server then how can server return anything?. The warning clearly saying that Unable to post text. Mean web hasn’t posted your text to server. That’s why Got Text event is not raising.
Check your URL and post your blocks here.

You can suppress this warning with this block

You must use this block otherwise your URL and parameters will be exposed.

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how to suppress warnings?
show me exmple block

Just drag the block and use as you like


It will show a notifier when your web is unable to post the text.

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ok thanks…

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