Need simple AIA with two screens using Airtable and Cardview or Custom listview

Hi everyone!

I need someone who is great with Airtable and: Material Cardview or Custom listview from Deephost.

I need to build a simple AIA (2 screens, 7 vertical scroll arrangements), basically using the cardview or listview to show the Airtable data, editing it, deleting it, filtering it.

I’ve made some infograph images (they are large and in SVG format as to not lose quality and allowing zoom in etc) you can open them in any browser. I can’t upload SVG on here and PNG will be unreadable with zoom in, I tried.

It’s actually for a larger project but I will take this AIA and use it to build these functions in my app later.

If you are interested and think you can build this for me, please PM with your email address so I can send you the SVG images and you can see exactly what I need and so you can tell me how much you would charge me for this AIA and in what time frame you can think you can have it ready.

I know it’s probably not that hard and someone that is good with Airtable and Kodular can probably do it in a few hours, but i just have not been able to make it work.


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Please mention that do you want the builder to do it for free or are you ready to do it for paid work

He already mentioned that.

Hi @Soham_Shah thanks for the reply.

I’ve already solved this.


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