Need solution for error

When i open app in companion, i got below error. Pls help me to solve it

Please send your blocks image

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Hey @Vinaba_Jadeja
Please make your title more explanatory. So that users can build interest on helping you.
Posting just an image isn’t enough to find what the real is.
Please do read this topic for getting accurate solution to your problem with ease

Ok, I’ll be careful next time about this point

Here are blocks

It was working fine til last night. i nothing done any changes but still got this error

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Hey @Vinaba_Jadeja & @Pradyumansinh_Jadeja1 are you same person?

@Vinaba_Jadeja 's and @Pradyumansinh_Jadeja1 both are separate account.
This post was started using Kodular Community Mobile App. Now Her Laptop stop working and she continue conversation using my laptop and forgot to logout my account.

Sorry for inconvenience

This error shows that you make mistake in url decoder blocks please see that

I am not exactly understand what are you saying. pls give me instruction in brief

and as i say, it was working fine till last night.

Airable didnot working properly try to use spreadsheet

OK. i’ll try spreadsheet.
thank you.

working fine for me…
what is not working for you?

Airtable didnot got value sometimes it gives and sometimes not

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I don’t have such problem with Airtable…
Let’s don’t go off topic
would you please create a topic with the details of your work where airtable isn’t getting value?

I already create a topic


Maybe your are getting the % charachter in global Funny_Joke variable under when Funny_Joke. Got Column event which is interfering with Web1. URI Decode method.

To avoid this try to replace the % sign with something like<percentage> before you pass the the text to Web1. URI Decode method.
Same as described here :point_down: in this Stack Overflow reply

You can do this with Kodular’s replace all block :point_down:

Do the same before every Web1. URI Decode block(wherever present). See below image for reference

Just try this, though I am not sure if it will work or not



Your topic got unlisted because of the usage of Deephost extension in your project. So make sure that the error you are facing is due to that extension or not and your topic isn’t linked with this current topic

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