Need some changes to community rules

Ok there are daily debates here and many posts disrespect someone or make joke of something or someone so i want to say that suspend those who starts the annoying or policy opposite debates because i was suspend when i just said something to a community user because he was disrespectful towards my work and apps. So at last i was tired of giving him proofs so i just said him illiterate and something more and he used some words like i don’t help from someone like you, so i don’t suspending me was a good idea.

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What changes do you want. Your narrative was rambling and nonsensical. Take a breath explain properly what you want please.


Don’t you think the moderators and admin have this choice, don’t you think they would do this if you reported the situation to them?


The Moderators can’t read every post.

My suggestion is not to engage in a back and forth with anyone, this will just encourage other to do the same.
Instead, Flag posts that you think are offensive and if the Moderators agree they’ll handle it.


I thought exactly the same thing.