Need some help about wordpress db extention

Hello koders,can anyone explained how can we get data from wordpress by wordpressdb-extension.

they have given tutorial on that link also, you have to read that.

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Not clearly how to get data which type data can we get

as i can see we cant get text only as he shows, and else you have to follow instructions given by him, make a website (free hosting or paid) install plugin as he shows, get api key and start using, at least give a try as he said, if not work or you didnt understand any part then ask again to him, or here.

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how do i get api key

You should install the plugin in your WordPress website, and you can get the API from the plugin settings.

I already install as the extention devloper was asking about tag.what should be tag here to get api or other thing

How do I access the plugin settings?

I don’t really remember where you can access, but I guess from dashboard and than settings.

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