Need Some Help For a Method


İ tried to make is empty method with tiny DB and clcok.

When i choose language section the button Store the value in tiny that which i choose language(English).

When i restart the app the screen1 always (home)

So it’s mean when i choose English it has to open (home_en)

But always open ( home)

İ guess there is something wrong in blocks…


You Have Written home in place of home_en

May i Change home and home_en ? İş This correct method ?

yes you have used, if English then open home, and if Turkish use home_en, you have to use home_en for English, an Home for Turkish.

This is choose page of language methods

And This screen1

İ make This method but when i choose turkish that stored value in tiny DB for turkish page.

But the method always open second if control mean (home_en)

İt didnt pass 2nd if method when the English didnt have value…

The tag that you store must be the same, example “language” and you change the value. For English “en” and for Turkish “tr”. After when you get the value from the tag “language” you compare it.If it is “en” you open home_en and if it is “tr” you open home.


Thanks George your Help :pray: Poli kala , i know also romeika :+1::+1::+1::+1: im from trabzon

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