Need someone to test this app!

You must have a old device (Who will make sound effect on every button click. I mean touch sound like samsung j2)

Just simply download 1st app and install it on your phone. after install you will see 1 button. Click on it, it will make sound effect.

  • Yes, it make sound
  • No, its not make sound

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Next, uninstall 1st app and install 2nd app
after install it just click on button it will silence

  • Yes, The button is it silence
  • No, Its not silence

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1.apk (5.1 MB)
2.apk (5.1 MB)

And also sorry for my bad english

What version of android do you need for this? I have a android kitkat device.

Is your device has sound effects on button click. I mean touch sound

Thanks everyone. Test successfully completed

Hmmm :thinking: With zero votes?

What was this app about?
What was this test about?
Who tested it as it here it shows 0 votes?


Testing completed my school friend

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