Need Something to do. Providing Services

well due to the playstore suspending my account for god knows what reason even though i was following every single policy.

So now I don’t have anything to do and I’m hoping if anyone wants my services to build any apps.

If so then feel free to DM me i do not charge much for my services.

I can make good use of the Firebase bandwidth which you get for free and can make an app which uses %50 less bandwidth even with a lot of data in your database. It also applies with other databases.

Well I will be here if anyone wants my services we can negotiate price.


They will have sent you an email detailing why they suspended it.

Well I got the email and the issue was the Devloper distribution policy but you know Google they don’t provide the details about what actually go wrong.

Actually, the usually do state what has gone wrong. It can sometimes be tough to make out, but the details will be there.

You got your account or your app suspended?
Because an account is suspended after multiple violations.

Anyway, check your email and you can verify the reason and correct the problem or, if it was a mistake, contact the support and may be they restore your account.