Need to create an app but lots of problems( very amateur)

İ need to create an app.
The app allow stores add and edit their products.Each store must log in. Each store must give an adress and location.

other side of the app customer can access with or without membership, just set their location and search radius, all products and stores will be listed. customer also can searh for products’’ for ex tomato, banana’’ all tomatoes will be listed. Customer also be able to sort them by price or distance

i have lots of problems to create this app
i can make design part, but im not bale to connet blocksproperly, i dont know how to connect to datas to google or fire base.(because price data must be uploaded from store part, and must be readed by customer part)

Can anybody tell anything helpful.
Where can i get help or support for a fee

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If you want to create an online shopping app then look into here

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welcome to the community @Turker_Karaoglu
So you are creating an app that provides all the shops to register and add their products. Right??
That’s a huge work. BTW here are some tips for the app

For creating unique design, use this extension :
[FREE / Open Source] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component)

For database use
Firebase Realtime Database

For Login System use
Firebase Login

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Thanks for your reply, I will read it.
If ı can make a prototype ı can get support from sponsor etc.
I just want to help people.
Have a nice coding:D

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