{Need Update suggestion} All Social Media - All in One

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Dear Developers i published my app on play store 1 month ago. Now please someone suggest me what i should need to add in my app to make it more effective​:muscle::v::ok_hand: so if anyone has any suggestion please tell me here.
App link:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.allsocialmedia.theduffer

Current features:-
1:- Desktop mode
2:- Night Mode
3:- FullSecreen view

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add new account
In any social networking site

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Thanks for your suggestion

(Aditya Rana) #4

I see you are only loading web view of the sites. Why don’t you use APIs and make it more dynamic adding your own features.
Contact me for further help or information.

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You can add download video option to YouTube within your app.

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I think it’s against YouTube policy. Google will remove my app

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My application is not affiliated with any of the services I’m just providing official link of social media sites I think it’s enough for my app users

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Duplicate of:

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I didn’t get you. What you want to tell???

(Abhijith) #11

I don’t like it :-1: Just opens the respective websites inside a app. I see no use for this kind of Application. Only a waste of space

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