(new) Attico : Text tool app

What is the name of your app?
Attico: Text tool app

Describe your app:
Attico: Text tool is what you all need to make your social presence more doable with text tools like text repeater and text styler with lots of options.

App Store/Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.kodular.nityavedanta3.Attico

Long Description -
Attico: Text tool is the tool you would be required to make your social visibility more felt with some premium looking features like Text Repeater, Random text or Number Generator, Text Styler, Blank Message & Many More features yet to come.

With Attico: Text tool, you can:

  • Type and repeat for as many times as you want.
  • Generate random strings with default alphabet characters or number or using a combination of both.
  • A random String length of your choice.
  • Send Blank Messages On Any Social Media
  • Style any length of the text to 8 different Stylish texts.
  • One Click Message Share option on any social media.
  • One-Click-Copy Text option.
  • Modification of Output text allowed.
  • Premium looking feel.

Some of the key features of Attico (text tool) are:

Text Repeater: Simply type the text you want to repeat, enter the number of times the text needs to be repeated for and hit the repeat button to get the output. And don’t forget to check if the output will be printed in a new line or on the same line.

Random Text: Maybe you require to generate some random text to confuse your friends on facebook or to generate a quick password-what would you do? Type it yourself trying hard to keep it as unique as possible. Now no more. You have this tool which can generate random texts or numbers or combinations of both.

Stylish Text: Maybe your friend’s bio has that crazy looking font. We cannot guarantee that quality bio but we can definitely give you the custom font that will make your bio look smarter. It’s not the only sphere you can use it. Put any length of text, choose your style and boom… it’s styled, copy or share directly to any social platform.

Blank Message: You always wanted to shock your friends, didn’t you? Yes, then it’s now possible with our blank text feature which lets you send empty texts to the length you specify.

What more? You get a premium looking feel and UI in this app.