New, Best And Advance Online Music Player App Free Aia

Advance Online Music Player App Free Aia File


  1. Connect With Airtable Spreadsheet Database,
  2. Scroll To Load More Option,
  3. Play Pause Option,
  4. Slider Option, (For seek your song. 100% work)
  5. Next, Previous Button,
  6. Advance Search Option,
  7. Songs Download Option,
  8. Songs Repeat Option,
  9. Currect Song Duration.


Airtable Spreadsheet Database Image

Test Apk- SimpleMusicPlayer.apk - Google Drive
Free Aia- SimpleMusicPlayer.aia (214.7 KB)


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can you help me?

just follow this.

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@Somnath_Gupta are you from app helper

And is this app created by you because its mainly created by app helper

Check this

great job :heart:
“slider touch up” doesn’t work on mp3 longer than an hour, does it need to be changed in the " tc block" or “other time block” ?
Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

I have follow that but still got same result

Im sorry my mistake. It work thanks

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