New billing from component kodular error

call to ‘’ has too many arguments (3; must be 2)
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Please share your blocks.

i was added

Currently, it doesn’t work on the companion app. It will start working when it is updated in the play store. Only the apk will work.

I am also getting the same error as you in the companion, but not in the app.

type INAPP for purcase… is that true or other?

INAPP for app in-app products And SUBS for subscriptions.

i try to console and nothing happen if buy … can u show ur block

You can buy this latest in-app-billing extension, I’ll send you tutorial videos,

Write inapp in small letters instead of capital. It’s working :slight_smile:

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nice small … iam wrong iam use capital last. thanks mayank

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