New Custom Recycler Listview And Imageview

Hello Friends my name is Somnath Gupta and Welcome To Our Post.In this post I want to show you my new creation. Finally, I created two new different app in kodular. In this post I will give you those app details. So let’s do this.

In this post I will not give you those apps aia file. Aia file will coming soon.

                      **App Names And Details**

1) Custom Image Recycler view With Paid Extension

Test Apk-

Aia File- Coming Soon

2) Custom Recycler Listview Without Paid Extension

**Test Apk-"Custom Recycler Listview.apk - Google Drive

**Aia File-**Coming Soon


You have a channel name - creator 24 right ?

Edit :- oops it’s is app helper


Yes now it is App Halper

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

but your Title is Recycler Listview And Imageview Without Any Paid Extension but in your post you are saying that you use a paid extension??

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Hi @billa_gaming Welcome to Kodular Community
Kindly don’t use a misleading title.
Also it seems that is not recycler view.


I think it’s load more items when scrolling down

I don’t have any idea of recycler view tooo


Recycler View caches the images and thus reduces the data usage every time you load an image from internet and increases loading speed if you load local image.


still now i have not understood what is Recyclerview will it recycle or save something?? I really don’t know.

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:joy::rofl: The problem of Google keyboard.

Sorry without Any Paid Extension

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I am interested :grin:.
can you tell me about this extension … blocks , where i can buy it etc???

This is not a extension.

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Wonderful :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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How and when it will come soon?! :thinking: