New error in kodular

Kodular is showing this error while exporting app

Maybe you are trying to export an empty app?

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You are not the best at giving info are you?

Befor I tried exporting complete app there was also error so I removed everything then also same this is happening

Try creating it in new project

It works but this app is approved and new isn’t

Can you share the aia of which you were receiving error I will check the error

Because you are saying that it works when created new project

Okay I’ll share (5.6 MB)

Aia is project in project

Project in a project, try this

tiktok.aia (5.6 MB)

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I hope you are not violating any kind of rules as TikTok is a private property.

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Looking at the name it looks that you already posted about this one and it was an earning app. So i close and unlist this again. Don’t ask again about this project.