New extension ModCalendarView ( New Update 03/04/2019)

Hello all i present you a new extension ModCalendarView.

New Update 03/04/2019 you can see the new video :

  • Add style Event when select day.
  • You can use icon for indication of selected day like event.
  • Add color current day.
  • Add color clicked day.
  • Add Setcalendar block.
  • Add Event Click/LongClick of text date.
  • Add Event LongClick/Click day.
  • Add pattern format String text like “yyyyMMdd” “ddMMyyyy”


You have several parameters to make your calendar quite customized
- You can get all day selected with the form list.
- You can set a needed day on a list
- You can make also image on the background for ( calendar day and title )
- You can change the image of button next or back
- You can change the Local language ex : put “fr” , “en” , "ar " , …
-You can swipe calendar.
etc …


For other information visit here:


can we call a notification if a date with an event is hit. I mean i set a task to sunday with a task and on sunday i get a notification that today is an event?
This willbe great !
But any<way nice extension

Do i get %% Rabatt if buy two or three extensions?

The treatment of the events it must be manager by the developer my role it is to give the user the possibility to have a nice customizable calendar :).

All prices are already not expensive

Nice one :hugs: [as I see on video]
But how can I get it?
The link only redirect to a extension directory website where I can’t find this one :thinking:


Can tasks be removed, clicked on or modified?

you can manage your app as you like the task in the video is just text inside list

You can make a simple search in this website :slight_smile: or

It would be better if you provided the link earlier :metal:
Anyways thanks


Can i make bangla or any other calendar from this extension??

before purchasing the extension i want to make sure that extension is worthy or not ? how many members did purchase this extension ?

If possible you can get or modify to get the same like with this guide (aia &apk is attached)


Not sure if mine can let you do your workaround

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i am checking the app