[New info]Firebase authentication , app crashes on impact

so well , in screen one it just takes my to screen where log in happens, but it crashes before that screen, have someone had simular issue? i did logcat test and got this Default FirebaseApp is not initialized in this process , What i really think is wierd is that IT DOES WORK ON OTHER APPS I MADE like actually what is wrong? can someone please help me?

Please do read this and you can ask later…

Thank you…

there is no much to follow tho, i cant describe the topic better and it crushes without any blocks

Can you do this…?

ok so here is a picture that might be useful?
i try to write in clear english , altho im not native so i cant do any better, im asking if anyone else had an issue/ know how to fix the crash on open with firebase authentication , im using native firebase components, so far i tried searching it in lot of places, changing sha1 key and making new config file no help from that , hope that made everything clear and if you have an idea for more details that could be useful please let me know

Did you set the location to US Central…?

And you really think that this picture is useful…?

yes, i always do

Publish your login blocks or those prior to login.
Otherwise there is no way to know what you are doing wrong.

but it crashes without ANY BLOCKS , like its just the component

i did adb logct and got this