New interface e percentual

Hello everyone,

I’m using the new interface. It is more functional and more beautiful than the previous one and everything seems to work for the best. What I really don’t understand is why the possibility of managing the percentage in length and width of the objects that make up the interface has been removed. There is only “Automatic” and “Fill parent”. While before to manage a responsive layaut system and objects, I just had to change a number and see the effects in the Companion, now I have to go and establish the percentage size of the objects directly from code with an increase in the time for creating the interface. Since there is space to add the percentage to the workspace, I ask if this request, and if other users lose it in the same way, can be taken into consideration.

Thank you and good night.

You can enter val + “px” for a value in pixels, and val + “%” for a value in percentage.

By default, entering only a number converts it to pixels. You can choose to convert it to percentage by default from the Creator settings dialog (enable Use percentage values by default)


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