New Timer Feature

Can you add a feature to the timer where the timer sets a label to the time ;D i know its difficult to understand but i mean a timer is like 10 min so the label sets to 10 min and every second or min the label changes to the time like 1 sec later it shows 9:59 min and so on.
Do you understand ? ;D
have a nice day

You can do this with Clock component.

Do it as described in this tutorial: How do you count-down from 10 and play a sound at 0?

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Pavi hat recht.
Du kannst das alles mit der ‘clock’ komponente machen.

@Mika @pavi2410 yaeh I know it’s a countdown but it should actually display the left time of the timer component like it set so the timer is set to 600000 milisec= 10min the label should change every second to the new time of the timer like in apps where I have to build something and I can see how long it takes