News api app not working properly

I am creating an application using News api and Dynamic Component.
But app crash & hang…
Please help me…

Show your blocks
Show your screen initialize

Please help me

Just post them here. Few users want to download, import and debug your aia.

If you want help, you have to provide what users ask.

I don’t like it when users pm me and ask for help, or send me aia files without me asking for them.

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Was that the situation here?

Sorry but help me please

I will close this topic if you can not provide what other users are asking.

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Do you want to give the AIA file to all users?

If you want help then

Man, you expect people to help you without knowing what mistakes you make or what you’ve done? you think we’re psychics?
Do you expect that with that image you uploaded we all know what’s going on?
This doesn’t work just by saying “help me.”

Read the conversation. We have 9 messages and we still don’t know what you have done or what mistake you made in your blocks.

Here you have his blocks

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Yes, this is my block, now I can expect help no.