News has stopped

Hi koders, I am making news app, its complete. When I run it on my mobile it start giving this error:

This is my apk:

News.apk (6.9 MB)

It’s an error in your blocks…Please show your blocks…

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These are my blocks

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May be that is from your timer…What about disabling it and see if it works or not…Also is that error appears when you open the app or after some time?

my app was working perfect, when i put admob ads in it, after it start giving this error. Then I remove ads but didnt solve. My timmer is working well it has no problem

Please help me…

Does that happen when you open the app or when?

It happens after going to next screen. I have given apk

Which screen…

Also please give the blocks for the next screen it looks like a problem in initializtion…

When this screen intialize the error occurs

Are you switching screens correctly?

I explained my problem above

You posted this above. And that’s why I asked you this

yes, I am doing it correct

First as @Adhil_Salim you’re not switching screens properly…
This is the right method:

Second please post blocks of the second screen…That error may also happens from something in screen initialization…

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I will pm you the aia file.

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